Our Story

JAE Restaurant Group is owned by Andres Garcia, Eddie Rodriguez, and Jhonny Mercado. They currently own a total of 177 Wendy’s restaurants in Florida, New Mexico, and Texas and will continue to look for other locations in these areas to provide our customers with more options when dining in our areas.


Their restaurants are operated by a Five-Star management team that is working diligently to achieve the company’s goals. They pride themselves on using quality service, continual improvement, community involvement, and innovation to measure success.

Our Mission Statement

JAE Restaurant Group’s mission is to be A CUT ABOVE to our stakeholders while remaining true to our values of commitment, fairness, honesty, loyalty, and respect.  We strive to remain leaders in the nation’s evolving FRANCHISE fast food restaurant industry, realizing it by delivering an exceptional experience of quality, service, and cleanliness to our customers through our professional, friendly and continually developed staff; by maintaining high operational standards; and being engaged contributors to our communities.

Number of Locations at JAE

We currently have a total of 177 restaurants located within the states of Florida, New Mexico and Texas.  However this year we will acquire more restaurants either through new construction or acquisitions.  Stay tuned for further updates…

Simply said JAE Restaurant Group is a company who cares about its community and its team of employees…